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Doodle3D Transform is a new app for desktop and tablet.

It makes designing in 3D really easy and fun!
Transform your 2D drawings easily into 3D designs.
You can draw by hand, scan photos or import existing images.
Send your design to a 3D-printer or upload it to an online service.

21st Century competencies from Ole Sejer Iversen

Eight important and child-centric 21st Century competencies.

The future of education is too important (and perhaps too boring) to put into hands of researchers and policy makers. Therefore, I have made a list of eight child-centric ’21st Century competencies‘ to complement the already existing frameworks of 21st Century Competences – all made by adults.

This list of 21st Century competencies is compiled from my observations of kids in schools over the past 16 years:

– Forschungsgeist: Be curious, ask questions, imagine & have fun
– Self-efficacy: Pursue your goals persistently
– Robustness: Practice and play (freely) every day
– Empathize: Ask yourself: What would this do to you/others?
– Risk appetite: Make mistakes and learn from them
– Repertoire building: Takes notes and keep stock
– Collaboration: Listen to others and build things together
– Sharing: Communicate about your insights and thoughts

Feel free to disagree.