Eight important and child-centric 21st Century competencies.

The future of education is too important (and perhaps too boring) to put into hands of researchers and policy makers. Therefore, I have made a list of eight child-centric ’21st Century competencies‘ to complement the already existing frameworks of 21st Century Competences – all made by adults.

This list of 21st Century competencies is compiled from my observations of kids in schools over the past 16 years:

– Forschungsgeist: Be curious, ask questions, imagine & have fun
– Self-efficacy: Pursue your goals persistently
– Robustness: Practice and play (freely) every day
– Empathize: Ask yourself: What would this do to you/others?
– Risk appetite: Make mistakes and learn from them
– Repertoire building: Takes notes and keep stock
– Collaboration: Listen to others and build things together
– Sharing: Communicate about your insights and thoughts

Feel free to disagree.

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